There’s a lot more beyond what’s here! Some of my most recent work hasn’t been published here yet - much of it can’t be. The best way to learn about my skills and what I have to offer is to meet with me.

Microsoft Admin Center: Quoting, Cart, & Checkout

Designing Quoting, cart, & checkout experiences for commercial customers

Highlights my experience: working on complex user flows, product iteration, and large scale team communication



A mobile banking application

Highlights my experience: working during a full product lifecycle, performing research, ideation, prototyping, and iteration.

A banking application for Portuguese speaking countries that gives users a clear insight into their finances.

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A virtual reality experience

Highlights my experience: Working with and exploring emerging technology, especially VR and shows I have past experience coding and figuring out ways to design for non-traditional 2d interfaces.

Designing & coding a VR experience to tell stories from Craigslist's Missed Connections section in a somber setting. 



A healthcare pre-screening service

Highlights my experience: Conducting many different types of quantitative and qualitative research.

An online service that reduces wait times for Carnegie Mellon's healthcare services and gives health advice directly to students.