A scale to help parents know how much their BABY is drinkinG

Timeline: 3 weeks
Roles:  UX Researcher, UX Designer, Camera Operator, Video Editor
Team: 3 people
Methods:  Storyboards, Wireframing, Product Design, Competitive Analysis
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Audition, Premiere Pro

Problem: Keeping track of feeding sessions for infants and newborns is a massive endeavor. In addition, whatever the baby is drinking must be prepared and maintained at certain temperatures to be safe for babies to swallow. We were tasked with creating a "kickstarter style" video promoting a product. 

Solution: Blossom, a connected scale that can be attached to any type of baby bottle, sippy cup, or regular cup allowing the user to attach it to multiple cups easily. The scale also maintains a food diary application for the user allowing the user to easily keep track of how much the baby has drank recently. The scale can also detect the temperature of bottles to warn if the contents harmful for the baby.

Concept Video:


When first designing Blossom, we created a competitive analysis of the various products people use when feeding their infants. We examined products still in development, and the various pitfalls failed products had, as well as older ways of keeping track of feedings such as food diaries. We also researched how babies tend to be fed, and found most babies tend to have multiple bottles, as well as having multiple people who feed them.


Product Design:

Since babies have multiple bottles, we designed Blossom as an attachment for bottles and cups, rather than as a smart bottle. We designed with the necessities of babies in mind: products need to be durable, not able to be swallowed, and easy-to-use. We also made sure that the feeding information was able to be accessed in a convenient place for the parent, leading us to develop a mobile app for the Blossom. The application placed a focus upon the most important factors for parents like the amount of liquid consumed, and how much the baby should drink based upon their size.



An early whiteboard session of our storyboard of the shots wanted in the video.

An early whiteboard session of our storyboard of the shots wanted in the video.


When creating the storyboards, we focused on creating a story told by parents about a product that helped them to build rapport with potential users. We wanted to focus on the joys of parenting while also recognizing its difficulties and how Blossom could improve the lives of nurses, babysitters, and parents everywhere. We created several iterations of the video's script and edited it to reduce the length of the video to be short enough to hold a person's attention and conveying enough information to create interest in Blossom.


Video Creation & Editing:

Sketch of Blossom App screen

Sketch of Blossom App screen

When shooting the video, due to our limited time with the babies, we tried to get as many shots as possible of babies just doing anything. We created shots that took place in a home, so that the parent and speaker was seen as credible. We also kept the amount of special effects to a minimum to fit the theme of the video. We selected music that was softer and complemented the themes of the story arcs:

  • Introducing the seriousness and prevalence of children being underfed and the stress of being a parent.
  • Life improved by the use cases of the Blossom scale.
  • Parents enjoying a higher quality of life due to Blossom and recommending Blossom to friends.